French-English Dictionary

  • Fill out at least one field in the form and press "Search" to query the dictionary. The more fields you fill out, the narrower your search becomes, and you can use all four fields to refine your search.
  • If you cannot enter accented characters directly, you may use capital letters to match any accent, so "E" matches "e", "é", "è", "ë" and "ê". You may also enter the following symbols after the character in question to indicate an accent:

    \ for grave a\ matches à
    / for aigu e/ matches é
    ^ for circonflexe e^ matches ê
    , for cedille c, matches ç
    " for trema o" matches ö
The French-English data files are courtesy of Tyler Jones. This is a somewhat limited resource and we are aware that it is missing many words and contains some inaccuracies. Please feel free to bring this to our attention (contact us) but as this is not an actively supported resource, please do not be offended if we do not pursue all corrections.