Verb Conjugation

Conjugate a verb by selecting the tense and entering the infinitive form of the verb in the box.

Verb: Press to
(ex. avoir <^>etre, ha<">ir)

Input accented characters by using the ARTFL prefix notion as shown in the following examples:
<^>etre = être           ha<">ir = haïr
<'>ecouter = écouter     fran<+>cais = français
<`>a = à

Results will be displayed with proper accents.

The INFL analyzer is a licensed product of the MultiLingual Theory and Technology team at the Rank Xerox Research Center, in Grenoble, France made available to ARTFL through a technology exchange agreement. The pricipal developers of INFL are Lauri Karttunen and Annie Zaenen. It has been described in Lauri Karttunen and Todd Yampol, INFL Morphological Analyzer, (XEROX Palo Alto Research Center, Palo Alto, CA, 1990). The theoretical background and performance of the INFL analyzer as applied to the ARTFL database are discussed in Mark V. Olsen and Elizabeth A. Hinkelman Morphological Analysis of ARTFL," (CILS Technical Report, University of Chicago, 1991).

Mark Olsen, ARTFL Project,