ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form

New!! The ARTFL Project and MICRA, Inc. are developing Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (G & C. Merriam Co., 1913, edited by Noah Porter).

Look up words in a simple French English Dictionary containing about 75,000 terms. Please do not e-mail me to say that the dictionary is missing words. This is a limited resource originally developed for machine translation applications, but better than nothing. We're considering building a real French-English dictionary based on an out of copyright edition, as we have done for the Webster's.

French to English

Search for: (ex. amour or raison* or n'aim*)

The asterisk (*) matches all suffixes and may only appear at the end of your search term. See below for accented character representation.

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English to French

Search for: (ex. love or reason* or should love)

The asterix (*) matches all suffixes and may only appear at the end of your search term.

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Accent Representation

The default keyboard representation of accented characters in X-Mosaic, running under the UNIX operating system, is made up of two character strings with the vowel followed by the appropriate symbol. These are

grave = back slash.  Example: à --> a\
aigu = forward slash.  Example: é --> e/
circonflexe = caret.  Example: ê --> e^
cedille = comma.  Example ç --> c,
trema = double quote.  Example  ö --> o"

The French-English data files are courtesy of Tyler Jones.

Mark Olsen, ARTFL Project, University of Chicago,