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Roam (Page: 1246)

Roam (?), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Roamed (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Roaming.] [OE. romen, ramen; cf. AS. ārman to raise, rise, D. ramen to hit, plan, aim, OS. rmn to strive after, OHG. rāmen. But the word was probably influenced by Rome; cf. OF. romier a pilgrim, originally, a pilgrim going to Rome, It. romeo, Sp. romero. Cf. Ramble.] To go from place to place without any certain purpose or direction; to rove; to wander.

He roameth to the carpenter's house. Chaucer.
Daphne roaming through a thorny wood. Shak.
Syn. -- To wander; rove; range; stroll; ramble.
Roam (Page: 1246)

Roam, v. t. To range or wander over.

And now wild beasts came forth the woods to roam. Milton.

Roam (Page: 1246)

Roam, n. The act of roaming; a wandering; a ramble; as, he began his roam o'er hill amd dale. Milton.