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Prodigal (Page: 1143)

Prod"i*gal (?), a. [L. prodigus, from prodigere to drive forth, to squander away; pro forward, forth + agere to drive; cf. F. prodigue. See Agent. ] Given to extravagant expenditure; expending money or other things without necessity; recklessly or viciously profuse; lavish; wasteful; not frugal or economical; as, a prodigal man; the prodigal son; prodigal giving; prodigal expenses.

In fighting fields [patriots] were prodigal of blood. Dryden.
Syn. -- Profuse; lavish; extravagant; squandering; wasteful. See Profuse.
Prodigal (Page: 1143)

Prod"i*gal, n. One who expends money extravagantly, viciously, or without necessity; one that is profuse or lavish in any expenditure; a waster; a spendthrift. Noble prodigals of life." Trench.