Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913 + 1828)

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Inflexible (Page: 760)

In*flex"i*ble (?), a. [L. inflexiblis: cf. F. inflexible. See In- not, and Flexible.]

1. Not capable of being bent; stiff; rigid; firm; unyielding.

2. Firm in will or purpose; not to be turned, changed, or altered; resolute; determined; unyieding; inexorable; stubborn.

Inflexibleas steel." Miltom.
Amanof upright and inflexibletemper . . . can overcome all private fear. Addison.

3. Incapable of change; unalterable; immutable.

The nature of things is inflexible. I. Watts.
Syn. -- -- Unbending; unyielding; rigid; inexorable; pertinacious; obstinate; stubborn; unrelenting.